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Business Coaching Certification.net: Although most marketers would prefer to set up a totally automated system that has no personal contact with the consumer, the customer has the opposite desire: they want the personal contact. As business coaches we should be encouraging our clients to provide personal contact such as doing a done for you service.

Done for your services are really hard to deliver. Most business coaches would rather give advice because doing the work for their business coaching client is very difficult. But in my experience when I add such a service I am flooded with requests for what are typically very expensive services.

This becomes more of an operational issue, then a sales problem. The day-to-day work becomes how to fulfill on this instead of how to sell this. And then I also get requests from business coaching affiliates saying: oh I love this, can I sell this done for your product to my list as well?

It’s pretty hard to deliver done for you services with quality, in scale, and create margin and I long-term profitable enjoyable business to be involved with. Whereas the opposite is true for e-books. It’s very difficult to sell e-books these days, but it be really easy to scale. How do you see it?

Perry: Yes I agree. It’s just a different way of seeing supply and demand. People want what’s hard to get. I think the first commitment any serious business coaching client has to have is to deliver things that are hard to get. If you deliver things that are hard to get, people want that.

It’s not hard to get a high price for them, it’s not hard to get people standing in line for them. A lot of marketers have created in the image of marketing that it’s just the image of putting lipstick on a pig. That’s because there are people out there doing that. They’re making something that’s easy to get seen hard to get. And it really hates hurts everybody.

When you say that people hate automation that depends. They love it when it’s related to facilitating the transaction, but they hate it when it’s in the place of something that they would hope would be one on one personal, or delivered with a human touch.

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